Orifice Plate Assembly

Orifice Plate Assembly

SOUL-ENTERPRISE provides economical flow measurement products based on differential pressure principle, suitable to wide range of line size, pressure & temperature applications with service like any liquid, gas or steam. We also provide products for special applications required in the process industries.

An orifice plate assembly is a most widely used flow measurement product. SOUL-ENTERPRISE orifice plates are manufactured from finest material with close tolerance to match standards ISO 5167, BS 1042, API 2530 & AGA Report 3. Mounting between flanges or carrier ring(s) are available. The orifice plate assembly provides accurate measurement with no maintenance.


The Restriction Orifice Plates are used for reducing fluid pressure and are designed somewhat different from the Orifice Plates that are used for measuring flow rates. They are designed to slip between the piping flanges. While single Restriction Orifice are often sufficient to meet the requirement, there are situations where limitations arise due to process conditions making the single Restriction Orifice unacceptable. In such situations, use of Multiple Restriction in series is a better soltion.


Integral Flow Orifice Assembly is used for the small bore pipe sizes of 2" & below. However due to process Temperature limits of the Transmitter, this assembly cannot be used for process Temperature above 1200c(2480F). The assembly consists of an Orifice Plate between two integral blocks having corner taps. Generally meter run pipe is recommended with upstream length of 750mm and downstream length of 250mm. The pipes are welded to the blocks with end flanges. The complete Flow Measuring System consists of Integral Orifice Assembly, Manifold and DP Transmitter.We have in house Calibration Facility for the calibration of Inegral Orifice Assemblies that we manufacture. Calibration can be offered upon Customer's request. These Integral Assemblies can be offered in CS, SS316, SS304 and other materials on specific request.


Compact orifice plates can be used without difficulty for the measurement of liquids, gases and vapours. Differential pressure flow meters are used in many technical applications. As primary flow elements, orifice plates represent the most common solution. Orifice plates are notable for their easy installation and management.